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Fixes for #9 and #10 [with dev-livelogissues-new as basis]

Knut requested to merge 1559402/code:dev-livelogissues-new into dev

This, as far as being able to test the changes, should address #10 (closed) and #9 (closed) The resynchronisation after having lost the signal due to loss og signal strength works as expected and is reflected in the debuglog output. One test result of note however is, that if a livelog is being read of a device in a simple measurement configuration (2 devices, 2 frames, sending in turn) and the not-read-from-device is disconnected from its power source, reconnected, reconfigured and started, the then still running livelog crashes. The measurement however will be able to synchronise and one even can read the livelog data of the newly reconnected device.

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