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Issue #176 search2: "Browse in search results" should link to current charter + Issue #217 EditMOM3 "all saved" response occurs even when the document isn't stored in the database

Stephan requested to merge github/fork/JBigalke/master into master

Created by: JBigalke

Issue: #176 (closed): changed in search2.widget.xml line649: $num to $num + $wsearch:start -1

Added Constructor in result.widget.xml, Changed in result.widget.xml line 186 $num to $wcharter-preview:num.

Issue #176 (closed): deleted "all changes saved." text in Jquery.xrxInstance.js;

added in jquery.ui.xmleditor.js error --> show text "Failed to save changes" and added success --> show text "All changes saved."

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